Since its first use in 2002, The Design Squiggle has been published widely in various media. It has appeared in TED talks, on T-Shirts, in Journals, Books, Magazines, countless presentations and videos. One person even put it on their forearm.

I’ve also enjoyed the various Squiggle gifts. Tinkering Monkey presented me with a laser-cut Squiggle. John Body from ThinkPlace in Australia sent a 3D printed Squiggle after they put the illustration on their office wall (picture below).

Here is an ongoing (and by no means complete) collection of where the Squiggle has been seen in the wild. Including a list of the books it has been published in. I do take delight in seeing it used, especially reading the books or presentations it appears in. Please share your usage or sightings with me by emailing an image or link to squiggle@hellodamien.com