This Is Service Design Thinking

How to design and market services to create outstanding customer experiences.

This was the first of two books published in 2010 to include the Squiggle. Service Design was a maturing discipline and the authors, Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider put together an excellent, practical and intelligent book on the subject.

23 international authors and even more online contributors from the global service design community invested their knowledge, experience and passion together to create this book.

It introduces service design thinking in manner accessible to beginners and students, it broadens the knowledge and can act as a resource for experienced design professionals. Besides an introduction to service design thinking through five basic principles, a selection of individual perspectives demonstrate the similarities and differences between various disciplines involved in the design of services.

I remember clearly purchasing my copy of the book, excited to both read a book on the topic as well as see the Squiggle in print. There was a little slip of paper inserted in the book, explaining an error on page something or other. One error. Where the title of the Squiggle was misspelt. Funny.

This is still a valid and informative book on the subject. You can purchase in paperback from Amazon.com or in Europe from BIS Publishers.