Make It New

The first instance of the Squiggle on a cover.

Professor Barry M. Katz, and IDEO fellow, authored the brilliant 2017 book, Make It New, A History of Silicon Valley Design.

The role of design in the formation of the Silicon Valley ecosystem of innovation.

California’s Silicon Valley is home to the greatest concentration of designers in the world: corporate design offices at flagship technology companies and volunteers at nonprofit NGOs; global design consultancies and boutique studios; research laboratories and academic design programs. Together they form the interconnected network that is Silicon Valley. Apple products are famously “Designed in California,” but, as Barry Katz shows in this first-ever, extensively illustrated history, the role of design in Silicon Valley began decades before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dreamed up Apple in a garage.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, my family was involved in many of the stories covered by Katz and so it was an honour to have the Squiggle included in his book. As well as on the cover.

It is an excellent book to read, I highly recommend it.

The Publisher MITPress