A Squiggle Site Update

The long dormant website has a few new updates. A Team, T Shirts and correcting my disbelief.

Yes, if you are a returning visitor you are indeed seeing a change here, after years of a somewhat dormant site. If this is your first time, welcome.

For some time now there has been a team working on the future vision for the Squiggle. We’ve been reaching out to the Squiggle community and researching ideas for a new Squiggle property.

Over this period of time I’d found myself repeating that I doubted we had much of an audience. My belief was that perhaps twelve or so people a year would visit the site and most of them emailed me to seek permission to publish the Squiggle. Well, I was quite wrong. I installed Google Analytics one weekend and saw 138 visitors download the Squiggle 50 times. (what did the other 80 visitors do?) While that may not be very many people compared to a popular website, it floored me that there was more than one person visiting the site. So this prompted some immediate changes.

We’ll write more about our thoughts and ideas for the Squiggle site. For now, I hope you’ll return and get something out of doing so.

Back in September Jason Kottke or Kottke.org fame, announced his design of the Process Tee.

When you start something new, how do you know where you’re going to end up? Most of the time, you don’t — you stumble around for awhile, exploring uncertainly until, slowly, things start to make sense. That messy journey is all part of the process.

Although it originated in the design world, the Squiggle is handy for understanding or describing the process of many different creative endeavors. If you asked a chef, a scientist, a writer, a programmer, or an artist to describe how they got from their starting point to an end result, I think it would look a lot like the Squiggle. So what’s this shirt about? The Process of Design. The Process of Writing. Cooking. Art-making. Science. Learning a New Skill. Creativity. The Messy Process of Becoming a Better Human.

Jason Kottke, The Process Tee

Jason sells the T Shirt through Cotton Bureau and donates 50% of the profits to the National Network of Abortion Funds. So far, as of October 14th, he’s donated $3,640.

You can read more and purchase a Process T Shirt in a wide variety of awesome colours. And they are incredibly comfortable T Shirts too. I should know, I may have a dozen of them. Visit the Process Tee post on Kottke.org

I’ve been slow to set up a Squiggle T shirt shop. A few months ago I tested a design by making a few, and again was surprised that anyone else might like them. You’re seeing a pattern here right? A minor disbelief in the value of the Squiggle to other people.

At some point in time, we’ll figure out a seamless shopping solution to sell various designs of the Squiggle T Shirt. Oh, and notepads of course. And Totes. ‘Cause everyone loves a decent tote bag.

For now, that’s it. See you again soon.